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All marketing and promotional activities are done by electronic device and the internet. The nonmeasurability of datas and unilateral communication which are disadvantage of traditional marketing are advantage of digital marketing.

Digital marketing includes performance marketing, brand marketing and content marketing. But performance marketing is the most powerfull feature of digital marketing. The key point is attract to the most relevant user to the most appropriate promotion at the right time once the in-site and off-site installations such as google tag manager, google analytics are made.

Digital marketing can be appeared in e-commerce department , marketing department, corporate  communication department according to company size and structure. Also some activities such as ATL ( Above the line )BTL ( Below the line )TTL ( Through the line ) can be changed according to company size and structure.

Above The Line - Through The Line - Below The Line
Above The Line – Through The Line – Below The Line

%67 of world citizens use mobile phone according to research in Januray 2019. And %67 of world citizens are internet user. 45% of the population – that is 3.4 billion people – actively use social media. %95 of North Europe and North America citizens are internet user. While it is 94% in Western Europe, it is 88% in Southern Europe.

When we look at Turkey, %93 of citizen’s have mobile phone line. While %72 of citizen’s use internet, %63 is actively social media user.

Turkey spend avarage 7 hours 15 minutes in internet. Also 2 hours 46 minutes in social media. That is why digital marketing activities are more popular in Turkey.

The most effective digital marketing channels

Digital Marketing Channels
  • The most natural channels with the highest conversion rate is organic traffic. Users visit the website via searc engines.
  • Direct traffic show us that brand  awareness and the impact of recent ads. Users visit the website by writing website name in the search bar.
  • Paid channel is mostly done to targeted people by BTL marketing activities. Google Ads, Facebook are most used paid digital marketing channels. Also ınstagram has highest conversition but it can be controled by Facebook panel.
  • Social media that company use efor their brand activities is other digital marketing channel. Facebook, Instagram are most popular social media channels.
  • Content marketing is one of the powerful unpaid digital marketing channel. Company produce relevant content to users to read and then visit website.
  • Affiliate marketing is used by e-commerce web sites commanly.
  • Referral marketing can be paid or unpaid. User can visit websites via other websites.

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